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November 2018


Mac OS X

Requirements: Windows 7, 8 or 10 should work

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is strongly recommended. OS X 10.10 Yosemite has also worked. easyNet does not work with older versions of OS X.

XQuartz is required. (This was the standard in earlier versions of OS X.)

Link: easyNet for Windows, November 2018 r1 Not currently available.
Installation instructions:

Download the easyNet for Windows file above. You must extract all files from the zip for easyNet to run.

Option 1: To do so, in Explorer, you may double-click on the "Compressed Folder" file; click on the easyNet (no date) folder, press Ctrl-C to copy the whole folder; navigate to your desired install location; and press Ctrl-V to paste there.

Option 2: Alternatively, you may double-click on the file; click on Extract Files on the Ribbon at the top of the Explorer windows, and further click Extract All Files; and select your desired install location. It is best to tick/check the Show extracted files... option.

Check your installation by double-clicking the "Zeb" icon for easyNet, and clicking the Test Plotting option. If a graph appears on the right-hand-side of the screen, all is well.

First install XQuartz. If the XQuartz installer suggests logging out, restart your computer entirely.

Download the easyNet for Mac package above. Open the easyNet-Mac-2016-07-10.dmg file in Finder. Copy-paste or drag the to your desired location.

To run easyNet the first time after download, you will have to confirm that you want to accept the program, as we have not "signed" it. In Finder, two-finger-click the "Zeb" icon of the app and click Open on the context menu that appears. On the dialog that eventually appears after the file is scanned, click open; in future, you will be able to open the program normally (by double-clicking the icon, or via LaunchPad, if the program can be found.)

Check your installation by clicking the Test Plotting option. If a graph appears on the right-hand-side of the screen, all is well. This first graph can take a few minutes to appear as XQuartz starts for the first time.

Troubleshooting: If nothing happens when you click on the main icon, this may be because:
  • You are clicking on the icon in the zip (Compressed Folder). easyNet must be used from a regular folder.
  • You have extracted only some of the files. easyNet relies on the files that come with it, and cannot be used without them.
  • Your virus protection software has blocked a needed file.
Virus protection software may overzealously block component files of easyNet; if otherwise unexplained problems occur, check and allow easyNet components such as easyNet.exe, easyNet_simulator.exe, easyNet.bat, or lazyNut.bat (or any of the accompanying .so or .dll files).

If easyNet starts, but no graph appears on test, the issue is either with XQuartz (which must be installed, see above) or R. easyNet comes with its own version of R that only works with up-to-date versions of OS X.

If easyNet does not start at all, check no files have been removed from the app package (e.g., by virus protection software), and that you have followed the procedure described above for running "unsigned" software.

Building from source

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