easyNet in Oxford, July 9th
For those of you joining us in Oxford for UKOG and EPS meetings next month, Colin Davis and I will be offering an additional parallel UKOG-related workshop option on the afternoon of Saturday 9th July:
Introduction to Modelling of Visual Word Recognition with easyNet
Computational modelling has assumed great importance in theorizing about reading, but models have not proved widely accessible to researchers.  This session is designed both as an introduction to the theoretical ideas behind some important models, and to the easyNet software we are developing to address the key problems in modelling of accessibility and communication.  Our tour of models will take in the classic interactive activation model, models of reading aloud and models that seek to “crack the orthographic code”. You will gain experience in using easyNet to run simulations of various tasks in various models, and see how the internal states of models can be inspected to understand how they work. You will also explore the use of simulations of experiments to evaluate models, and the importance of exploring parameter values in understanding the strengths and limitations of models.  The session will end with a group discussion of the future of easyNet, and how it can best be developed to service the field.
1.30-5.15pm (with a break at 3pm) at St John’s College, with thanks to Kate Nation.  This is 5 minutes away from the main EPS venue at St Anne’s College, where there is tea at 3pm and a plenary prize talk at 5.30pm. 
A major update to easyNet for Windows and Mac will be released shortly before the conference.  We will ask those attending the session to try to install the software on their own laptops in advance; we will make ourselves available from 1pm to help with any technical difficulties so that we can start promptly at 1.30.
There is no charge for this workshop, but we’d appreciate a rough idea of numbers, so please let us know without obligation if you think you’ll come along with an e-mail to J.S.Adelman@warwick.ac.uk
Get your easyNet at http://adelmanlab.org/easyNet/downloads

Please, if at all possible, try to install the software on your own laptop in advance; we will make ourselves available from 1pm to help with any technical difficulties so that we can start promptly at 1.30.
Please note, the location of the workshop is not the main St John's College building, but 45-46 St. Giles, on the opposite side of the street. That is, next to the Eagle and Child, and opposite the Lamb and Flag.
Here's worksheet A.

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Worksheets B and C.

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